Surfing the day away

For this weeks blog post I decided to do two surfers, Adam Hogue and Jace Kennedy. I figured that they would both have similar answers due to the fact that they are both surfers. They both had very simple answers but their answers mostly involved their passion, surfing. You can tell that both of them really love this sport because they want to do it all day everyday even if they only had one day left to live!!

If eye only had one day to live I would wake up really early and go surf uncrowded waves with my friends. I would then go eat a big breakfast and hang out with my buddies. In the afternoon I would paddle back out and surf until there is no light. I would then eat another large meal and go to a last day to live party with all of my friends and family.”- Adam Hogue

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If eye only had one day to live I would probably wake up and go surfing first. I would then go spend all of my money and buy a new car. After that I would want to spend time with people I care about. To end my last day I would want to go surfing again one last time with my friends and then I would go buy some more stuff with some of the extra money that I did not spend earlier!!”- Jace Kennedy

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Personally my family is very involved in surfing. My dad and brothers both had a passion for surfing as well creating a love for the beach within my family. Although I have only been surfing a very few times I admire the sport of surfing. It has so many variables that you can’t control. For example although you can go surfing a lot you can’t control the waves or the weather. It demands so much body strength and balance. Being a dancer you also need body strength and balance but you utilize those abilities in a very different way.

As you can tell from this post surfing is these boys passions, comment down below what your passion is and why you love it!!!


Do Something That Scares You


For this week’s blog post I decided to do a friend of mine who has been through so much with me. Her name is Victoria but most people call her Tori. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. She is such an inspiring person and always seems to know what to say. When I asked her the question her initial response was “wow one day isn’t a lot of time”. That is the response I figured I would get when I asked people the question. She then went on to say “I would probably do the things that scare me the most, I would try to cram it into one day.” That is something that inspires me about tori is the fact that she would do things that challenge her with only one day to live instead of doing things that are comfortable.


I would start my day at midnight and I would stay up for those 24 hours. I would start with a night hike and probably really look at the things around me and take in and appreciate my last day.  I would want to go on the hike with the people that I love, or anyone who would want to go. I would want to have a big breakfast, like a big huge feast breakfast. It would be like a 3 am breakfast. I would then go skydiving and bungee jumping. I would probably go to the beach and go swimming and swim out to the bouy, because that is a really big fear of mine. Following the beach I would go have a nice lunch made by mom, maybe some tacos. I wouldn’t be vegan that day. I would eat everything. Then I would probably go to church. At night time I would have a dinner, a big farewell. I would want it like the “Fault in our Stars” where the people say their eulogy to the main character while he was still alive before he died. I would want it like this because I want to hear what people have to say about me. I would want to have an open mic where anyone can come and say the best stories so I can relive the best moments of my life and think about the worst. I want to feel like i’ll be missed, everyone does. The very last thing I would do is I would probably try to do something inspiring to people.”


Everyone has fears but comment below what scares you the most and why? Try to do at least one thing a day that scares you and as tori said “live everyday like it is your last!”