Surfing the day away

For this weeks blog post I decided to do two surfers, Adam Hogue and Jace Kennedy. I figured that they would both have similar answers due to the fact that they are both surfers. They both had very simple answers but their answers mostly involved their passion, surfing. You can tell that both of them really love this sport because they want to do it all day everyday even if they only had one day left to live!!

If eye only had one day to live I would wake up really early and go surf uncrowded waves with my friends. I would then go eat a big breakfast and hang out with my buddies. In the afternoon I would paddle back out and surf until there is no light. I would then eat another large meal and go to a last day to live party with all of my friends and family.”- Adam Hogue

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If eye only had one day to live I would probably wake up and go surfing first. I would then go spend all of my money and buy a new car. After that I would want to spend time with people I care about. To end my last day I would want to go surfing again one last time with my friends and then I would go buy some more stuff with some of the extra money that I did not spend earlier!!”- Jace Kennedy

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Personally my family is very involved in surfing. My dad and brothers both had a passion for surfing as well creating a love for the beach within my family. Although I have only been surfing a very few times I admire the sport of surfing. It has so many variables that you can’t control. For example although you can go surfing a lot you can’t control the waves or the weather. It demands so much body strength and balance. Being a dancer you also need body strength and balance but you utilize those abilities in a very different way.

As you can tell from this post surfing is these boys passions, comment down below what your passion is and why you love it!!!


Traveling the world and Changing lives

image4If eye only had one day to live I would travel the world and change lives. That was the first thought that came to my head when I asked myself the question, “If I only had one day to live what would eye do?”. Luckily I have had the opportunity to travel to Europe and some places and the United States and I loved it. I loved the aspect of submersing myself in other cultures and living my everyday life in a completely different way. There are so many places that I want to travel to but my top choices is to Greece, Croatia and Milan. During the traveling excursion I would want my closest friends and family with me so I can surround myself with people who love me and I know I will have a good time with them. Another reason I would want to travel is because I would want the day to last as long as possible to achieve many things.

image7Making an impact on people’s lives is something that is very special to me. I love seeing people happy and I love creating opportunities for people that they may not have had before. My dad is the one who inspires me to do this because that is what he does and I get to see some of the outcomes of this rewarding process. He gives children battling cancer many different experiences that they would not be able to have had without him. He created an organization, Hugs for Cubs, because his son, my brother, battled cancer but unfortunately lost his life to that battle. But while he was fighting he continued to be positive, inspiring, and supportive to those who were also dealing with cancer. Seeing people, especially children, not be able to achieve their maximum potential because of something holding them back that they can’t control is absolutely heartbreaking to me so I want to at least change that for one person and make such a big impact on their lives that they will remember me forever in the most positive way ever.


Let me know down below where you would travel to if you only had one day to live or what places you have traveled to? Till next time, live everyday to the fullest!!!