Taking a Step Back

For this weeks blog I decided to look back on all of my posts so far and realize what I have learned from this experience as a “blogger”. Going into this process I didn’t really have any ideas of what I wanted this to be I kind of just wanted my blog to evolve naturally. I knew I wanted to interview my friends, family and people who inspire me to learn a little bit more about them.

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Something that I was most surprised about was people’s initial reaction to the question, “If you had one day to live what would you do?”. Personally I thought this question sparked a thought that most people have never thought of before, because it is kind of a sad thing to think about. Almost every single person I interviewed was very taken back by this question, more than I was initially expecting. All of the responses I got seemed to have an underlying theme, stick to the ordinary days yet focusing on the things that make the person especially happy. That could either be doing their passion all day long or spending extra time with their friends and family going places they have never been before.

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Throughout this experience personally I have learned many things about myself and my closest friends. It was a great way to connect many different people in my life through a single question. One of the most difficult parts about this blogging process is actually finding people to interview believe it or not. Mostly due to the lack of time in my week. During lunch is always a hard time because that is people’s time to relax and not really have to think and after school i go straight to dance. I could always have people email me but I like to talk to the person I am interviewing in person so I can really understand what they are saying and look at how they view their life.

Let me know down below in the comments how you are liking my blog so far if I should make any changes or you like where this is going so far!



For this week I decided to do one of my good friends Wilson Sherman. He is someone that I can talk to about almost anything and everything. We met this year and instantly became friends and just from knowing him for this short amount of time I know that Wilson is a very compassionate person. Another thing that I learned, and what you will soon find out from his response, is that he loves animals. He owns a total of 36 animals. He volunteers at a zoo, parrot rescue, aquarium and wildlife rehab center. He also has a blog but his is entirely about animals. I thought that Wilson would be a very interesting person to interview for my blog because of his strong views and love for animals.


If eye only had one day to live I would pet as many animals as possible. To do this I would just go to the Zoo, the Sea Center and pet like everyone’s dog. I would also probably go and pick up a bunch of trash and tell everyone to not eat meat. After that I would go pick up more plastic. I would also want to light Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on fire. I would want to give a lot of hugs. Lastly I would go outside swim in the ocean try to fight a shark.”


I really love how Wilson is incorporating animals into his entire day. That displays clearly  his love and compassion for animals. I also think that it is amazing that Wilson wants to try to save the earth even though he is only living for the rest of that day. You can tell that Wilson wants really wants to make an impact on the people around him, the world and for the future lives of animals. Everyone should learn from Wilson to make a difference on the world and everyone around you even if you only have one day to live.


Let me know down below how many pets you have or what your favorite kind of animal is? Also everyone go check out Wilson’s Blog!!!




Good Food and Family Beach Days

For the next blog post I decided to do my family, the people in my life that constantly support, love and inspire me. As I have mentioned before, I will be asking everyone the same question, “If you only had one day to live, what would you do?” so these are the responses from my family.
If eye only had one day to live I would have my wife, all my children and their spouses, their children (my grandchildren), my brother my in-laws and a few close friends all gather at a beautiful beach in Santa Barbara for a wonderful day consisting of surfing, swimming, playing ball and taking walks. During the day I would slide off and call some people that had a positive impact on my life and thank them for taking the time to help make me a better person. That evening we would enjoy a wonderful BBQ and then we would sit around a fire, tell stories of our youth and the impactful moments of our lives. Then I would tell everyone how much I loved each and every one of them and how THEY made my life so fulfilled and WONDERFUL!”- Bill Pintard (my dad)
my dad, Bill
If eye only had one day left to live I would want to spend it with my family trying to do as many things as possible. We would travel west to New Zealand to be greeted by a helicopter and taken to a bridge. At that bridge we would go bungee jumping into a river to be greeted by a river raft. That river raft would take us down the river to get back on the plane and fly to Switzerland to go to the Alps for a delicious lunch with Swiss chocolate for dessert and a cappuccino. Then we would travel to Provence France and smell the lavender on a walk through the quaint town and have a quick pastry snack. Then we would travel to the Bahamas for lobster dinner at a restaurant and a spectacular sunset.”- Kris Pintard (my mom)
my mom, Kris
If eye only had one day to live I would try to do as much as I can in one day! I would eat all my favorite foods at my favorite restaurants and I would spend as much time with my parents, sister, Ryan and Brooklyn as
I could. We would go to the beach or lake to go wake boarding or surfing. I would watch the sunset at the beach or lake.” -Brittney Pintard (my sister)
my sister, Brittney
 As you can tell my family loves food, what food would you eat if you only had one day to live? let me know down below!!